Thesis vs Genesis – A detailed Comparison

Being a blogger, it’s a tough task to choose between Blogger and WordPress. Blogger, on one hand is free to use but something lacks, while WordPress is the best platform for blogging. It requires some monetary investment to start off with WordPress, but it’s worth it as everything you want is available.

One of the most important things in WordPress is the theme. There are

many themes available but people who blog seriously, i.e. make an earning out of it, go for the frameworks. There are many frameworks available but the most used and the most efficient are only two – Thesis and Genesis. What’s the difference between these two frameworks?


Genesis or Thesis is neither same nor different. None of them satisfies complete criteria of necessities. Both the frameworks perform on various aspects and give good results. It’s completely on you to decide the framework you want to use.

With Thesis, you can easily customize the whole blog’s design according to your needs; while with Genesis you have been much easier things to configure with the Child Themes.

Some similarities

#1. Both the frameworks are too good.

#2. Both of them are developed by some of the great developers.

#3. The loading time is less.

#4. Both the frameworks are fully SEO optimized.


The installation processes of both the frameworks differ from each other a lot.

Thesis framework can be installed through your WordPress Dashboard but it is recommended to use an FTP program to install Thesis, because you will get some more beautiful options if you do this way. You have to follow all the instructions very carefully when installing Thesis.

With Genesis, it is quite simple. You can easily install it from your WordPress Dashboard

and in the same way you can install the Child Themes. No use of any FTP program.

Loading time of both the frameworks

The load time of a blog is very important and can’t be ignored. But you need not worry if you are using Thesis or Genesis. Both these frameworks are developed very well and load much faster compared to other frameworks. To load a webpage a number of requests like HTML content, CSS styles, images, JavaScripts, etc. need to be processed. AS the number of style-sheets reduces the page load time decreases.

Coding and Design

If you want to go with Thesis, then you should know some coding to make your blog look professional. Because like Genesis offers child theme packages, Thesis doesn’t have any such thing to offer.

But there’s nothing to worry as you can try your hand at coding and you will start learning it. Or if you can shell out some money, you can hire a professional to design your blog or buy Thesis skins available.

On the other hand, Genesis offers a number of Child Themes from which you can choose the best one you like and kickstart your blogging journey. But a bit of coding knowledge is a must as you need to customize your themes to give it a unique look, like tweaking colors, fonts, etc. Be it Genesis or Thesis.

SEO Options

There is not much difference between the SEO options provided by Genesis and Thesis. Both the frameworks offer great room for homepage optimization and both frameworks offer additional SEO options for every post.

The frameworks are coded and developed in such nice way that search engines can easily crawl through each and every corner of your blog without losing anything. Moreover you can easily get 301 redirects for any posts, page or URLs.


It doesn’t matter with which framework you go, you must expect a decent support from both biggies. Both Thesis and genesis are backed by a bunch of great developers, which means that you will get updates at regular intervals of time.

Pricing Details

Thesis framework comes for $87 for personal use and $164 for developer version. IF you are going with the personal version, you can’t use it on more than one site while you can do that on multiple sites with developer version, but you still have to pay an extra $40 for each site.

While Genesis comes for $59.95 and can be used on any number of sites you want. Plus with the child themes you need to pay $79.95. But the good thing is that you can use it on any number of sites you want.

Final Words

Whether you go for Genesis or Thesis, its completely your choice. Both of the giants are superb and you won’t regret using it.
So finally it’s you who have to decide which framework you want to use. Both are good, better than the other at various aspects. SO make up your mind and kickstart your blogging journey.

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