Save money when traveling in a group!

When you are planning to go for outings to enjoy your vacation, then money can become a very big issue which can create the big problem between the group members. So here we have few tips which let you manage your expenses incurred during traveling. So be prepared to make your vacation enjoyable and memorable using these tips. Enjoy the beautiful sight seeing as well as the sceneries without any worries about the money, just pack your bags, take your hammock , get ready and leave for your enjoyable trip.

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Keep a record

To manage the money you can either keep the record of your expenses in your diary or you can use any mobile app. As keeping track on few amounts or the total budget will skip all your tensions which are prevailing during your visit. In a group, you might encounter few members who thinks that they have paid out more during the journey, so keeping track on everyone’s expenses helps you keep updated. There are various mobile apps available in the market which let you record all the expenses such as the Splitwise app which helps you record each and every member’s expenses set electronically in equal distribution.


If you are planning to go to the different country other than the India, then you can hire a car for all the group members. This will help out save more money, as one car has the seat for the nine people if it is like a shuttle. You can divide the expense of the travelling among your friends. Apart from this, you do not have to pay extra money or an amount of baggage also. Everything you can pack or keep in your car to fulfill all your needs and requirements. You can also bring food items along with you while traveling which helps you saving money on the food items as well as on the accommodation. You can also carry the camping stove as well.

Plan a rough budget

Before planning for an outing, prepare a rough budget. When you plan for any outing then you and your group members might have a different budget and goals. If you plan a rough budget before traveling then it will help you plan accordingly and let you know whether it will work out or not. Planning a rough budget will help you out deciding whether the trip is feasible or not in terms of money. So to avoid clashing, you can prepare a rough budget.

So enjoy your trip using these money budgeting tips.

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