Check few power banks which comes with 30000mah battery capacity!

Power banks are the device which provides the external battery backup. The power bank is the perfect device which you can use in emergency or when you go for an outing. You will found many options of the power bank, where you have to select the best one. All you need to pay attention of the capacity, its portability, and the price. Here we have lined up few power banks which come with 30,000mAh battery capacity. The 30,000mAh battery will keep your smartphone device run for the longer duration by delivering powerful battery life.

Solar Power Bank

This power bank comes with lightweight body which is comfortable to carry and hold. This power bank can provide the power backup to smartphones, cameras, laptops, tablets, and other electronic items. The device is equipped with solar cells which let you charge the battery in daylight conditions. This device provides the input voltage of DC 5V and the output voltage of 5V/1A and 5V/2.1A. This device comes with the protective layer which saves the device from over-charging which in turn extend the power bank’s battery life. The power bank is equipped with LED light which indicates you regarding the leftover battery. Solar power bank comes with the ultra-thin body made up of aluminum alloy which gives the device a superior look.Solar Power bank is the most efficient power bank which is available in Black color options. The device measures the dimensions as 10cm height, 10cm width, and 5cm thickness. The solar power bank is equipped with Li-Ion battery having 30,000mAh battery capacity.

Genuine Slim Portable Power Bank (30,000mAh)

The Genuine slim portable power bank is listed on Amazon e-commerce website which provides 30,000mAh battery capacity which can charge your gadgets during low power condition. The device is measured as 6.4-inches height, 4.02-inches width, and 0.47-inches thickness.  You can buy this gadget at $49 from the international market, whereas if you want to purchase this item from the Indian market then this gadget will cost you near about 3,300INR price.

This power bank is equipped with 4 USB ports which can charge two devices together at a single point in time. The device comes with various protective layers which protect the device from getting over-heat, excessive voltage, over charged, and from getting the short circuit. The device is made up of leather and is equipped with LED display which indicates the leftover capacity.


SVS power bank is equipped with Li-Ion battery which delivers 30,000mAh battery capacity by which you can charge your smartphone devices, tablets, iPhone and other external devices. You can buy this gadget at a price of 1200INR in the Indian market and $18 from the international market. You can charge any of the branded smartphones like Apple, Blackberry, LG, Micromax, and many other brands. With smartphones including the big guns like Nokia E1 & HTC 11 coming up in the market this year with  high battery capacity sys power will make sure that even the best of the capacity smartphones will get easily charged.

The Power bank offers 6 months manufacture warranty and delivers 15 to 20 hours charging time when it is fully charged. The device is powered by the output voltage of 1A, DC 5V, and 2.1A.


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